Extract from ‘The Unconquerable Bear’

Before Ajeet went to find his family, he looked into Ravi’s eyes and their souls connected. He would never forget the kindness of Ravi for helping him return  to the wild.



About. Hello. I was born in the United Kingdom and moved to Barbados in 2009, seeking sunshine.  My favorite things are walking the dogs on the beach, eating chocolate, writing, spending time among nature and floating in the sea watching the clouds.

I works as a freelance writer and children’s author, and have taught in special education.  Currently, I volunteer my time advocating for the rights of the disabled, and I help run a performaning arts group for children and adults with disabilities. I’m  also the children’s editor at East, Sleep Write and help Admin Writer’s Kaleidoscope, a group for children’s writers.

My philosophy on life can be summed up in three words. Live, Laugh & Love!